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Roxanne Wilkening MS Ed.

I believe that everyone has a story. By sharing my story I hope it helps someone on their journey. I have a certificate in Wellness Coach and hold a Masters’s in Education. I have years of experience in yada yada yada and done a lot of blah blah blah. I say this not to diminish my experience because it is what I have done, but not who I am.  My life is evolving every day.  Learning how to take my experiences and turn them into stepping stones for others seems like a greater accomplishment. Sharing my journey is where transformation and learning occurs. This is worth emphasizing and adds value to other people’s lives. This is my purpose and this is where I add value.

I’ve tried several things but podcasting is the thing that has resonated with me the most. This opened the door to my  Shedding the Weight Podcast. My goal for Shedding the Weight is to talk to you like I am having a conversation with a friend, sharing my good, bad and ugly stories, they will be raw and unfiltered. Sometimes I’ll bring on guests to have a discussion and get another view. My main mission is to expose things in our life that are weighing us down and preventing us from becoming the person we always dreamed of becoming. For those who have no dreams, I hope my story gives them a star to shoot for.

My story is not unique nor have I overcome any tragedy. I am an average person, with an average story who has good and bad days. I know from being a middle child, we also need to find our way.  For my kinship with the middle child, and the average person these are my stories, I hope you can to relate. 

As I say at the end of each of my podcasts, this is Roxanne Wilkening this is my story raw and unfiltered and I hope it helps.

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Weight can be more than the physical pounds you carry on your body. You can carry emotional, spiritual, financial and many other things that can weigh you down. I want to share my story of different weights I have carried and what I am doing to shed them. During this process my physical body has started coming down, and my emotional and spiritual attitude has lifted up. My personal journey has led me to intermittent fasting, reading and listening to some great podcasts. This is my story, raw and unfiltered and I hope it helps.

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Shedding the Weight Podcast
Shedding the Weight Podcast
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