4 tips to get you on track!

I do everything.

Have you ever had a day when you felt like you do everything? From the time you got up to the time you went to bed, someone or something was biding for your time. You think to yourself; this is too much. Your old friend Shame and Blame starts whispering in your ear. Shame whispers in your ear all the stuff that makes you feel guilty and embarrassed for feeling tired and alone. Before you get too down on yourself, Blame reminds you that it’s not all your fault; someone should be helping you get all this stuff done.  

You take a deep breath, inhale, and then exhale. You keep repeating the deep breaths until Shame and Blame are silent. Now that it is quiet, you can hear your inner voice. It is saying that you are doing what you love. Your inner voice is saying it’s ok for you to stop doing the things that are not making you happy or draining you. You remind yourself that you are not a superwoman, so stop trying to save the world. 

What you are is a powerful and determined woman with big dreams. To keep your emotional healing intact, these are some steps that will keep you on track. 

Develop a plan

Make a list of what you have to get done and plan out your time. I also make a habit of using sticky notes. Sticky notes keep my mind free from distractions and prep work for future planning.

Set Priorities 

Prioritize what is essential, and rank them one to three. All of your ones should get scheduled in your planner. Most likely, anything that is labeled a priority two or three can be either delegated or delayed. 


Because it is on the list does not mean that you are the one that has to complete the task. Can this task be delegated to someone else? Maybe it’s time you think about paying to get it done. Both delegating and outsourcing are viable solutions that will save you time and energy. 


Delay does not mean no; it just means not now. Priority one items are defined as urgent everything else can be delayed. Some of the things you have on your list could be wish list items. If that is the case, make sure you prioritize these items accordingly. You may even consider taking a day to address the wishlist items. By scheduling these items, you alleviate stress because they now have an estimated time completion.

Finally, pat yourself on the back because you are doing a lot, and because you are planning, you are doing what is important to you. Stop comparing your list to someone else. You do what you can do and be happy with that. Don’t forget these four tips plan, prioritize, delegate, and delay tasks to get you on track. Following these simple tips will silence Shame and Blame and allow you to hear your inner voice.

Until next time, this is Roxanne Wilkening raw and unfiltered; I hope this helps. 

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