December's goals

What we need is accountability. And it starts with me.

I have always enjoyed being a part of an accountability group. It really does keep me on track. So I decided I would track my progress via my website and podcast. My official tracking starts in January but I am doing December as a test run. My post will be on Instagram @sheddingtheweightpodcast, my private Facebook Group, and here on my website. Please follow me and join the group. I would love to update you every week but I promise at least once per month.  Surely I can do 12 posts over the next year. Here’s my December goal. 

Follow me on: 

Instagram @sheddingtheweightpodcast

Private FaceBook Groupsheddingtheweight




December Goals 

  • Instagram Post – make 70 posts bringing total posts to over 400
  • Four blog articles
  • Facebook group
    • Daily Posts – calendar
    • 70 posts
    • One book club book
  • Podcast Post
    • 8 Podcast
  • Interview one person per month
  • Library Exchange 8 visits
  • One ebook
  • Setup Chimp mail

1 thought on “Accountability”

  1. Janis Crittendon

    I found the inspirational podcasts and informational charts are so helpful. They have helped me to reset my expectations of myself and to set new goals. It definitely not only shows you how to shed the weight but gives you the tools and also encouragement to accomplish your individual goals.

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