Spiritual Wellness & Horse equipment a Shedding the Weight story.

Roxanne takes a simple word like horse blinder that was written in her electrical journal and gets a Shedding the Weight revelation. She believes nothing is a coincidence and those words utter to you in a moment can become a spiritual break through if you incorporate them into your meditation for insight.

Shedding the Weight by implementing self care.

Roxanne has a certificate from College of Lake County in Wellness Coaching. This episode introduces six dimension of wellness Roxanne’s (I-LUV-ME Wellness model) She gives examples of how she is using this model to implement self-care.

You were meant to Soar

In this exciting episode I share the story of the eagle’s nest. What does it mean when we run into road blocks with our dreams. What is the Universe saying and how does that apply to the eagle soaring. This is my story raw, unfiltered and ready to soar. I would love to hear your …

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The 4 letter word that will help you shed weight.

Roxanne talks about the 4 letter word she never use. When she started using this word she began to shed some weight. This is my story raw and unfiltered, I hope it help. Please subscribe to my podcast and follow me on Facebook @ SheddingtheWeight.

The Weight of Vulnerability

Started a project, but now you are stuck. Brené Brown refers to this as “Day 2” Take a moment to listen to my story of the “Weight of Vulnerability”. My aha moment: sometimes you need to burn the boat, get vulnerable and move on. This is my story raw and unfiltered and I hope it …

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