Getting organized using a shoe rack

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Let me start by saying I know plastic water bottles are bad for our environment. I also know that I am a work in progress, so I have not eliminated plastic bottles from my life.

I saw this hack on Facebook (original post) and decided I was going to copy it. The hack used a shoe rack to organize water bottles. They said that they got the shoe rack from Dollar General for five dollars. I went to the Family Dollar, and mine was nine dollars. Oh well, I got it anyway. I thought it was still a great project till I got home. This rack had a hundred pieces; no, I am not doing this. 

I still wanted to do the project, so I had to try another route, even if it meant I had to pay more. I went to Walmart got what I need for seven dollars, even less. Since I live in a single-room apartment, organization and decluttering are top on my list. This rack took me five minutes to put together, and it was perfect. 

I love these hacks that organize your life and are quick and straightforward, so simple but a game-changer. 

This is my story, raw and unfiltered, and I hope it helps. 


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