Physical Wellness habits

What habits are you establishing to have physical wellness? The components of my physical wellness that I try to develop are eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, strength training, and drinking water. This week I challenge you to establish one habit in each of these areas.

Start out slow. Here are some examples. For eating right eat a fruit or vegetable every day. When it comes to sleeping I set a morning and evening bedtime alarm. I have found it easy to get up in the morning but in the evening I am still working on it. The evening alarm is a reminder that I need to start whining down and get ready for bed. For exercise, my minimum goal is to get 30 minutes of exercise per day. Thanks to my watch, I am able to track that. I have started going back to the gym. I told myself that if I could just start once a week I would be happy. Since I am going to the gym I give myself enough time to do cardio and strength training, thank goodness for those thirty-minute strength circuits or I may just be lost when it comes to strength training. The last thing I have begun doing is monitoring my water intake. I start and end my day with eight ounces of water. I have eight ounces before my meal, I squeeze in the rest during the day.

Share what habits you are going to try.


2 thoughts on “Physical Wellness habits”

  1. I too am working on my physical transformation. I learned habit stacking from you and it’s been great. I weigh on the scale, take my vitamins, and drink 16 oz of water first thing every morning. Im working on physical activity but need to better in that area. I’ve adopted a plant based lifestyle and that has rewarded me with a 25 pound weightloss. I’ve embarked on nutrition certifications. The journey continues.

    1. Roxanne Wilkening

      Great job Veronica on your weightless. Habit stacking has been a game-changer for me also. I am so surprised how small changes can make big results. Keep up the great work.

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