Do a puzzle to shed the weight

Shedding the Weight Podcast
Shedding the Weight Podcast
Do a puzzle to shed the weight

In this episode, Roxanne shares four benefits she gains from doing Puzzles.

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Roxanne’s story will help you to “Shed the Weight” in one or more of these 6-dimensional wellness areas. She calls them her I-LUV-ME model to wellness.

  1. physIcal wellness
  2. sociaL wellness 
  3. spiritUal wellness 
  4. enVironmental wellness 
  5. eMotional wellness 
  6. spEnding wellness 

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★ Personal Mission –  To be a great storyteller that inspire you to change.

★ Vision –  My vision is that everyone begins to share their story to help others live a happy and healthy life.

★ My Values  –   Truth, consistency, perseverance, and Acts of Service

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Roxanne Wilkening MS Ed, Wellness Coach certificate 

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