Gratitude used as a method to “Shed the Weight”

Shedding the Weight Podcast
Shedding the Weight Podcast
Gratitude used as a method to “Shed the Weight”

In this episode, Roxanne will talk about “Gratitude ” and her journey to incorporate her mantra for gratitude. She describes seven ways she expresses gratitude.

Roxanne’s story will lead you into shedding the weight in one or more of these 6 dimensional wellness areas. She calls them her I-LUV-ME model to wellness.

physIcal wellness
sociaL wellness
spiritUal wellness
enVironmental wellness
eMotional wellness
spEnding wellness

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★ Goal: I want to inspire the world to reach their dreams by sharing my life stories by using the ‘I-LUV-ME Wellness model. I will also interview others who are on their journey to wellness.

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Roxanne Wilkening MS ED, Wellness Coach certificate

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